Just Turn it Off!

I’m not much for television to begin with, but have my little vices – Good Morning, America, the 5:30 news if I’m around and Nightline. That’s just changed.  Here it is, just after 7 a.m. and I’m irritated by what passes for morning news and turned the darn thing off.  This is what qualified as Breaking News!!!  – the couple that owns the LA Dodgers battling over ownership of the team and 7 homes, over $330 million in real estate – publicly, verbally duking it out to the detriment of the franchise with a variety of “experts” chiming in.  And that’s just for starters.

Last year about this time I wrote a post called Get Off the Bench, about our national penchant for living through the lens of the TV camera.  The level of engagement in “celebrities” lives boggles my mind.  No offense to anyone, but, really, who gives a rip if so-and-so is jailed again or had another affair, or whatever it is that passes for news?

Is there nothing occurring around the world that merits our attention?  And that doesn’t even touch the bombardment of political ads locally – we have a September primary.  I used to be an activist, conservative politics, so I get the game, but tired of it and turned my attention to where I can really make a contribution.  Every year it seemed to get uglier and from what I’ve seen, it continues to do so – outright name-calling now – He’s a Liar, He’s a Cheat – things you would not say publicly at one time, now touted proudly as, “I’m … and I approve this message.”  No vote for that guy, simply by what he’s approving.  How’s that for qualifications?

Enough said, I’m sure you get it.  And I’m off to the rest of my day – a great book on my Nook (that I’m still learning how to use), some cleaning, more studying and prep for a visit by a very special guest in less than ten days!  What, no countdown?  Not this time for various reasons, but you can be sure you’ll hear about our time together and the memories we make.  Stay tuned…

Go out and have a fabulous day, impact someone for the better – Bénédictions!   And there’s the sun peeking through, I’m gone 🙂



Furiously Treading…

Last year about this time, a little later actually, I wrote about doing battle with algebra.  This summer I had a great time with my counseling class and am finishing an interesting time with philosophy.  Note: ” interesting” is LeeAnn-speak for I’m not going to tell you what I really think. Here’s a hint:  in one of the papers I wrote in PHIL so far, I compared it to having conversations with a precocious two year-old.  “Mom, why is …?”  “Well, Daughter, because …,”  “Why, mom?”  “It’s about …”  “Are you sure, Mom?”  “I believe so,” ” But do you know, Mom?”  “I’m thinking so,”  “But mom, how can you be sure?”  And on and on to infinity it seems.  So goes philosophy.

Don’t get me wrong – I love all the words – isms and ologies and arguments and proofs, however, there comes a point of absurdity, at least to me, no offense to my professor.  He didn’t begin the whole philosophy thing, we can thank Aristotle, Plato and Socrates for that.  And it’s been interesting, a lot of it, in the true sense of the word.  I believe I’ve learned a fair amount, discovered a new (to me) author engaged in Christian apologetics and resurrected an old friend, yes, books to me are friends and this goes back 35 years.  Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – used as a textbook for my first philosophy class many years ago.  It became a favorite, perfect for summer reading and reflection.  And for many years, I read two books every summer – Zen… and Gone With the Wind.  I pulled Zen off the shelf this year – turns out it was the book that influenced my professor toward philosophy.  And the book is by my bedside, to be finished with pleasure after I finish this class.

And what has me furiously treading – reminiscent of the days of trying to pass a lifesaving course, treading water as best as I could to keep my chin above so I’d pass? Completing this class well in the next four days.  That entails finishing a paper worth 20% of the grade and passing a final exam.  I’m aiming for more than just passing; I’m pretty used to As with an occasional B, but this has been a challenge.

So now is the time for me to get back to work – write, write, write, and study, study, study.  You’ll hear from me again, but not till next week when this class is history!!  By then I’ll have started two new ones, the fall semester with two more counseling classes in the first term and two in the second.  Back in familiar and very enjoyable territory.   And back to being a philosopher for me right now 🙂