Bunnies With no Heads? 2013 Edition

Today’s post is a rerun and  a favorite story of ours.  It’s all  true; absolutely, I really did the deed. So without further ado, here you go – enjoy and be blessed!

Do not be dismayed, this post will give you hope and encouragement,  I promise :) As is often mentioned in these pages, I’m a traditionalist;  I believe tradition is the glue that binds us together.  Today I’ll tell a quick story about a mother who used to buy solid chocolate Easter bunnies, the big ones, $16 each, the best for her daughters, year after year.  Tradition was that early Easter morning, the mother would hide the colored eggs and then the baskets.  While the girls were hunting for eggs and baskets, the mother was cooking a special breakfast, one for each of her daughters as they had different favorites.

This particular year, the night before Easter as the mother was preparing the baskets, the temptation of those fabulous bunnies overcame her.  Just one little nibble, the mother thought, who’ll notice?  Y’all know how this goes – the edges had to be evened out and smooth so one nibble followed another and all of a sudden one ear was gone – Horror!  What could the mother do?  She had to do the same to the other bunny; it would never work to give one daughter an intact bunny and the other, one with a missing ear.  On with the “evening-up” process.  Now two bunnies without ears, very uneven, more work to do;

Holy cats, what now?  May as well even things up, you know, neaten it up a bit.  One head gone, on to the next – gotta be fair.   Enough already.  So the mother tucked each bunny back into its little bag and tied them shut with the original ribbons, pink and purple.  It’s Saturday night, Easter eve, no replacing these special bunnies.  Early Easter morning, the mother went about her business, then woke the daughters to begin their hunt, while the mother went into the kitchen to begin cooking those special breakfasts, didn’t miss a beat….

All of a sudden – horrified screams.  The girls had discovered their headless bunnies in their otherwise beautiful baskets.  And they had no doubt as to the culprit.  Good thing they were of the age to know that the Easter Bunny really was the mother.  The thing that I remember most clearly was Meghan’s absolute indignation that there were teeth marks in her bunny – eeeuuuu!! To use FDR’s words spoken years ago, this was a day that ” will live in infamy.”  And it has; brought up every Easter and shared with love and much laughter.

I promised encouragement?  You bet.  My friends, regardless what you may be thinking about your shortcomings, faults or misses, remember the mother who ate the heads off the bunnies and laugh!  You haven’t done that yet, have you?  There is HOPE and there is GRACE.  My daughters love me, forgave me and we share another precious memory.

Easter is a special day, not a present-giving holiday, at least not in our home, but without it, we would all be hopeless.  Remember, because of what occurred on that first Easter morning, there is abundant hope and grace for all of us.  I hope you’ve found or find yours in our risen Lord.  All the blessings of Easter to each and every one of you!


Happy Birthday, Dan !!

Last year on March 17th, I published a post celebrating my cousin, Daniel J. Meyer, on his birthday.  It was the first time I had ever posted to or about a male; I believe most of my readers are women, but it was appropriate then and it is again today.  Take a moment, please, and read The List of Dan.  As you see, the list was comprised of 21 things that Dan has done for me over the years, ranging from your basic considerate act to the large-scale garage repair with bats and mice along the way.  What a guy!!  This year brought similar items for the list, more pet care so I could travel, more computer rescues and a LeeAnn rescue as well.  That’s right.  On February 12th, while trying to salt/sand a path across the icy driveway to the garage, I fell and took a fairly good smack to the back of my head.  I got to a phone and once again, Dan to the rescue.  First thing I remember is sitting on the wonderful heated passenger seat of his car and we were on our way to the hospital in GB, where he answered questions, kept my family informed and stayed till I was admitted.   Some day I’ll ask for the details, but for now, I am once again most thankful!!  

The official List of Dan has reached 22; I’m fairly certain that it will continue to grow 🙂  If you have a Dan Meyer in your life, celebrate him or her and join me, please, in a song for Dan – HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thank you for everything!!