The first List of Dan was published in 2012 and numbered 19  items. The list has steadily grown, last year numbering 25. This year on Dan Meyer’s birthday, the 4th annual list has grown to 28 and I’m posting the complete list. Enjoy 🙂

  1.  Who do you call with computer issues regularly, sometimes daily?
  2.  Who do you call when you need someone to care for  pets and home when you’re traveling several times each year?
  3. You need to fix a broken window, who supplies the extra pair of hands?
  4. Who will haul salt for the water softener into the scary basement?
  5. Who will brave the scary basement to change the furnace filter?
  6. Who will help your daughter purchase a new computer long-distance?
  7. Who will help you find the best laptop deal?
  8. Who repairs your GPS and returns it to you wrapped as a birthday gift?
  9. Who saves the day when the GPS dies for good and you hope to retrieve those invaluable saved locations to import to a new device later?
  10. Who locates the new device and successfully handles the import?
  11. Who do you call when you tipped over the lawn tractor, yep, it’s literally laying on its side?
  12. You’ve run out of propane and it is wicked cold. Who drives out to let you sit in his car, seat heaters on high, till a propane delivery arrives and the house warms up?
  13. Who do you call when the sump pump freezes mid-winter?
  14. Who do you call when your snow blower dies?
  15. Who do you call when the rear window on your truck literally falls out of its frame in the winter?
  16. Who do you call when you absolutely backed through the center support post of your garage, destroying post, both doors and completely shattering the truck’s rear window?
  17. Who supplies a newly painted basketball backstop to match his rebuild of your garage support post and both doors?
  18. Who always witnesses your absentee ballot?
  19. Who adjusted and permanently stabilized a tool shed in the yard without being asked?
  20. Who comes to the rescue when a bat appears and a terrified piano student has bolted out the door?
  21. Who taught you the finer points of baiting a mousetrap to spare sensitive fingers?
  22. Who came to the rescue after last winter’ 2013’s fall on the ice resulted in a concussion and brain bleed, getting you to the hospital and handling admission?
  23. Who delivers and installs the water filter annually after your initial attempt resulted in flooding the kitchen?
  24. Who drove out here to accompany you on a frightening walk across the ice to the garage, then ran up to the road and retrieved the mail?
  25. This is really two, but we’ll combine due to similar context. Who figured out a quick fix for a malfunctioning door switch on the truck and then a quick fix for a phone system that seemed to have died?
  26. Who was able to get into the garage when both door openers were locked in the truck inside and the service door (no key) was locked as well?
  27. Who do you call when you are at the sink doing dishes and the water stops running?
  28. Who do you call when you have locked yourself out of the house and just the week prior had brought the outside spare into the house? As you can see, it’s been a busy year for Dan 🙂

All 28 questions have the same answer – my cousin, Dan Meyer.  I am so blessed to have Dan and his wife Susan, so gracious in sharing his time, fully supporting me here.  If you are so fortunate as to have a Dan and Susan in your life, let them know how much you appreciate them!!

Today, March 17, 2015, Happy Birthday Dan Meyer and thank you again and again!!