I’m a Winner!!

I don’t believe that regular readers know this about me – I don’t win things, from the potted geranium on the luncheon table, to any raffle, ever; my name is just not chosen. Y’all ready? wait for it…

You bet, I won something this morning, and simple and silly as it might seem, I’m grinning and having a ball here at my computer, looking out into the forest under partly sunny skies

What did I win? A book, not to keep, but it’s a win and I’ll take it.  A member of my book club – Harbison Readers – had his hands on the only hard copy of the current book, out of all the members in our group and he was raffling it off. To be honest, I didn’t even know the title, I’m a bit behind this month. I submitted my name, and voila, I WON!!  Not being known for winning stuff, I took a chance that my local library had a copy. Sure enough, it’s available through our system, and I put a hold on it, and became first in queue. Knowing that I will get the book in time to read it, I passed my win to the second person, hopefully making them smile!

Silly? Maybe. Fun? If you’re me. This win is big, big, big –a triple win: it made me smile, reminded me to get moving and locate the book in case I didn’t win, and as I was dancing around, celebrating my win, the title for this blog post came to mind. Not bad for a Saturday morning 😊 

How about you – are you a winner? You surely can be, and it doesn’t require a raffle or game of chance. I’m a winner from way back, without ever winning in a temporal game. How does that work?  I became one the day I accepted Jesus’ invitation and opened the door of my heart to Him (Rev. 3:20). The faith relationship I have is the foundation for my hope and my joy, regardless of current circumstances, and it is available to you, too.  Now, if I can locate my phone for another win…  Grace and peace, y’all!