About Her

My passion is encouraging and empowering women who have been hurt, held back, humiliated, hopeless, perhaps verging on broken – but still standing.  There is hope for healing, wholeness and a fulfilling life, one that is marked by JOY – the sing-out-loud, dance-around-your-kitchen kind of joy that may seem to be missing from your life right now.

In 2003,  I was starting over – leaving an abusive marriage, moving to another community from metro to rural,  becoming an empty-nester, in many ways trying to find or create HOME and answer the perennial question – Who Am I?  It’s been an interesting journey and I’ve miles yet to go, but I have goals, dreams, plans and a redefined sense of what LeeAnn is all about.

Welcome to my world – the life of an entrepreneur, teacher, mother to two “thirty-somethings”, facilitator of a recovery program, gardener, pianist, Francophile, cancer survivor, domestic abuse survivor and woman on a mission!  Join me on this awesome journey to health, healing and fulfilling the boundless potential bestowed by a most creative and loving  Father.  Bon voyage.

The video below is a speech I gave in the Spring of 2013. It indicates the heart of Her Father’s Homestead, the driving philosophy – helping women of all ages live healthy, whole, fulfilled and joy-filled lives. Be blessed!