About Her 2017


     My passion is encouraging and empowering women who have been hurt, held back, humiliated, hopeless, and perhaps verging on broken, but still standing. I guarantee that there is hope for healing, wholeness, and a fulfilling life, one that is marked by JOY, the sing-out-loud, dance-around-your-kitchen kind of joy that might be missing from your life right now.

     Welcome to my world – the life of an entrepreneur, teacher, mother to two “thirty-somethings,” facilitator of recovery programs, gardener, pianist, Francophile, cancer survivor, domestic abuse survivor, achiever of two graduate degrees, and a woman on a mission to share the gifts and blessings I have received. I invite you to embark on an awesome journey to emotional and spiritual well-being, to fulfilling the boundless potential bestowed by a most creative and loving Heavenly Father. It will require work, sometimes grueling emotional work, but I promise that the result is worthwhile beyond your largest imaginings! 

     In 2003, I was starting over – leaving an abusive marriage, moving to another community, from metro to rural, becoming an empty-nester, and in many ways trying to find, or create, HOME while answering the perennial question, “Who Am I?” It has been an interesting journey, across literally a thousand miles, between two states and cultures. I’ve miles yet to go, but I have goals, dreams, plans and a redefined sense of what LeeAnn is all about. Feel free to join me and we will navigate the sometimes-frightening waters together with Jesus as the pilot, and all will be well.