Original Vision 2008

Her Father’s Homestead is going to be a safe place, a shelter for women in crisis, a place of learning and growing and above all – healing and restoration. There’s a vision for each of the  outbuildings on this property, as well as this wonderful old house. Not to mention the vision I have of have of children here with with their moms, becoming emotionally healthy families again – little kids tumbling down the barn hill as I did when I was young, playing in the pond, digging in the gardens or as I call it “playing in the dirt,” so very therapeutic. There will be a few small animals as what self-respecting farm doesn’t have animals, along with the requisite dogs and barn cats that live here now.

The barn will be home to classrooms and dining facilities, a place to host larger groups for fundraising as well as education and training. The old pig barn will be a bunkhouse with skylights and easels and art supplies, cozy rag rugs and wood-stoves for that wonderful warmth only a wood fire bestows. One silo will remain, becoming a library on the ground level, guest housing on the mid-level and the very top will be all glass, through which one can see for miles, over to the lake and beyond, or observe the wonder of a night sky unobstructed by city lights. And centered in that room will be my grand piano. Her Father’s Homestead will be filled with music, the music of nature and the great outdoors, and music from talented hands and little fingers experimenting as they spend time here.

The old milk-house will be the office and welcome/registration area.

Beyond the work of ministering to hurting families will be the teaching and training available to churches – a place for leaders to receive education in dealing with broken relationships and broken families. The purpose is to educate, train, and equip leaders that will take this training back to their individual churches. Those churches will then be enabled to best serve those hurting members of their church families.

All in all, big dreams?  You bet, and the reason, I believe, for which my Heavenly Father brought me safely through the valley of the shadow of death, as Psalm 23 so eloquently describes it, and lovingly put this place into my hands. If this inspires you, be in touch and become part of the awesome future of Her Father’s Homestead.