Another TA DA for me!

I love those words!  Drum-roll please, TA DA!!  Another trimester of classes under my belt, and two more As in the bag.  These were great classes, one Psych and one Issues of Competent Christian Counseling. How fun for me!!  What sealed the A in psych was the final paper, submitted at 3:45 a.m. Sunday.  I kept editing and adding and was on a roll.  A good thing because the tests were really tough and I only had a low A going into the final paper. I was pleased and relieved to see the grade posted late last night and slept like a rock.

Today starts the summer session and another counseling class.  The second summer class is an ethics and philosophy class.  More fun with words and I can’t wait!!  Maybe after one more night of good, catch-up sleep, Ill be ready to dance around the kitchen again.  Don’t you just love TA DAs?  I surely  do.

Not only that, but through the provision of my Father and the kindness of a piano family, one lawn tractor is now working and the other is being worked on.  So I was able to hop on and actually attack what was beginning to look like a hay field out there – another TA DA.  I think it’s time for a song and for me to get moving; another Monday, a new semester and a drive to Green Bay under sunshine and blue skies!  What more could I ask for?



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