There’s a warning here, with good reason.  Started last night, made for interesting travel home from a Christmas party in a nearby town.  There’s a warning here, blizzard no less, serious weather, dangerous conditions, zero visibility.

There are warnings everywhere, aren’t there?  They don’t all come with flashing lights or that annoying signal used on radio and TV or ribbons scrolling across your television screen or  a yellow light.  But they’re warnings just the same.

How do you react to warnings?  Fear?  Doubt? Skepticism? Do you logically come up with a Plan A and a Plan B as well?

I’m heeding the weather warning for now and am bundling into serious winter gear to head outside.  Thanks to a neighbor, the bulk of the plowing is complete, but wind is wicked and walls of snow are blowing around, changing the landscape.  Anyway, while I’m outside doing clean-up with the snow-thrower, I’ll be finishing this post in my head.  So think about the many warnings we receive in our daily life and how we handle them.  I’m off to the great outdoors.


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