… But Keep the Old …

According to one Web site I found, the title words, which I’m sure many of you know, are supposed to be part of a traditional Girl Scout song.  Other sites described it as a children’s song and I sang it as a child in music class as a round.

The theme being on my mind as I prepare to meet  for four days with old friends, many going back 40 years, one of them over 40 years and one, yes, we were babies together 54 years ago.

This is a group that knows one another well – shared jokes, stories, heartbreak and triumph.  Four days of good company, good food, good friends, a shared history and new memories being made.  Catching up on children, grandchildren, parents, etc, lots of stories will be told and much laughter shared.  As I’ve said repeatedly, history is important.  It tells us from whence we came and tradition is the glue that binds us together

So I’m off – fishing gear ready, a fabulous salsa and chips to contribute, and cannot forget the camera 🙂  I’ll be back with another year of memories to cherish.   Au revoir!!


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