Get off the Bench!

So where I come from, a major NFL city, there’s big news today.  Our former hero has become big news AGAIN – signing on to a rival team after a long drawn-out story.  How do I care?  I get frustrated that we’re such a nation of observers.  I get frustrated that we idolize a sport and those who PLAY that sport.

And people are fired up today.  Is it a good thing, is it a bad thing? How can this happen? And think about the first game between these rival teams now!  I find it ironic, personally.  As I was listening to the “breaking news” and to people expressing sadness or disappointment I thought to myself, people need to “get a life” as the old saying goes.  Get off the bench!  Don’t rise or fall by what happens in a game.  Be IN the game!

Now we can’t all be in the game of NFL football.  But we can all be in the game – creating fun, fabulous, exciting, successful lives of our own and leaving true legacies for our loved ones and changing lives of those around us.  We can turn off the TV and engage in life.

If it isn’t pro sports it’s “reality” television.  There again, we’d rather watch other people live than live ourselves.  Scary isn’t it?  How many of us are living “on the bench” of life instead of being on the field?  Get off the bench, choose to BE, go out and do something!  And that would be my thought for the day.  Hope you have a thought and a fulfilling life of your own.

Choose to BE, Get Off the Bench!!  And have a great time ……….


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