Today’s brief post is to honor my dad on this 2018 Father’s Day. Regular readers know my father is a a pastor, who has been ministering for nearly 63 years. I am the oldest and only female of his four children. My father is a wordsmith (wordie); I might well have inherited my love of languages and books from him. The photo below of my dad, Leonard P. Buelow, and me, was taken over a half-century ago, on the farm where he grew up,and on which I lived for 13 years. Dad inspired me in numerous ways, and I love that when I, his only daughter, was in the seminary, he mentored and assisted, More than once I called him “saying, Dad, I need a verse.” And I got a verse. I raided his extensive religion/theology library, and bounced questions and ideas off him regularly during the seminary years. Happy Father’s Day, I love you!!

     That completes this brief celebratory post. Enjoy the treasured photo :

 LeeAnn and Dad at the Farm, circa 1958.



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