Hhappy Birthday, Meghan Lee, 2013!!


It’s time for what is becoming the annual birthday post, updated, of course.  Twenty-eight years ago this evening, I met my younger daughter, Meghan Lee, for the first time.  Weighing in at just six pounds, she showed early signs of being her own person, struggling to be released from the hospital swaddling that her sister, a year earlier, had found so comforting.  Being her mother, one might accuse me of bias, but I am so very proud of the woman she has become. I am blessed to be close to her, not in proximity, but in mind and heart, the places that really count. I  have watched her grow over the years, overcoming challenges and learning to soar like an eagle!!

An early reader determined to keep up with her sister, likely based on something she read in a book, she began calling me “Mother.”  Not mom and not just to my face, but in reference to me as well.  It was very noticeable, coming from this little person, so formal – Mother.  She still does, today, but I’m used to it and no longer feel like Joan Crawford.  That’s Meghan Lee, no nicknames, please.

This past year was one of continued growth in grace and beauty for Meghan Lee, who, in 2011, began a tradition of wearing a tiara on her birthday, even on the bike :) Last year’s birthday post talked about her major life event, marriage to Brian Smith.  This year, they’re closer than ever and have embarked on some fitness challenges.  In April, they completed their very first Tough Mudder event in Austin, Texas.  I had some concerns, especially after looking at the list of Most BadAss Obstacles and reading about the signing of a death waiver.  That said, together they completed the event, which is the point; it’s not a race.  Brian has future aspirations, which is his story to tell, but they’ve continued training.  Meghan Lee has become a runner, logging record miles this year and also is into weight training.  In typical fashion, she did the research and came up with a program that she follows diligently and is making steady progress, which we talk about almost daily.  The purpose now? Another Tough Mudder in a month in Charlotte, NC. Being Mother, I asked if she was certain she was ready to commit to training for a second event in less than a year, more like six months.  Of course she was, or it wouldn’t be happening 🙂    
My younger daughter turns 28 today and I couldn’t be more pleased to claim her though I’m learning to share her with Brian.   She is kind, loving and generally an exceptional human being, grown now, with a blog of her own.    Ride on Tiara Girl

I’m thanking the Lord for putting her in my arms and into my care – a gift to me beyond compare.    Joyeux anniversaire, Meghan Lee, je t’aime èn bric, broc, our French slang for “I love you to pieces.”  Literal translation is I love you to bits and chunks, which makes us giggle.  Enjoy the photos and join me in wishing a most wonderful new year of life to Meghan Lee Smith!

                                                                    Be blessed, my darlin’ daughter!!

Meghan on her last birthday :)

Meghan on her last birthday 🙂

Tiara girl

Tiara girl


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