May I Please Speak to Miss LeeAnn?

That’s what the early-morning caller asked my daughter.  Yes, indeed, I’m in the gracious state of South Carolina and the caller was an employee of the service that picks up yard waste.  While yesterday was pickup day, I missed it, and through a series of phone calls, located the right people who offered to come back today and gather the leaves I’d raked up to the street.  Ya gotta love it 🙂 They were just calling to verify the location.   I’m in a special (to me) part of the country where manners  matter and mommas raise their children to say ma’am and sir and you wouldn’t dream of addressing an adult female not related to you by just her first name.

Not only that, but the truck just arrived and they have workers out there manually putting the leaves into the truck.  Holy beans! as my Meghan would say.  I had anticipated a utility vehicle with the hose in front moving slowly and vacuuming up the leaves.  No, ma’am, these guys were out there with rakes and a broom, mind you, pickup day was yesterday.  I walked down the driveway a bit ( being in a robe at 9 a.m.) waved to get their attention, called out, “Thank you,” and gave a thumbs up.  In unison I heard, “No problem, ma’am.”  They’re done and gone and it’s another beautiful morning in South Carolina.


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