New Year’s Blessings!!

So this is the last post of 2008 as I won’t be back at this computer again this year, maybe Friday morning, but that’s 2009, imagine that~~


As I’m at the library again and the clock is ticking, I’ll be brief and save the deeper thoughts for the upcoming weeks.  And there are so many deeper thoughts.  Nothing like a bit of a holiday to bring out the “thinker” in one.  And it’s been so gorgeous here I can sit outside, read, study and write. 


I’ve been hanging out (reading-wise) in the book of John, chapter 21 and following along in my Maxwell Leadership Bible, a gift to myself just weeks before the brain tumor diagnosis in ’06, and in it Maxwell discusses how the Book of John covers every one of the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and how Jesus led from Who He was.  How’s that for a leadership message?  I think about the Homestead and is that about who I am?  You bet it is and it’s where my heart is as well.  So I believe I may, indeed, be heading in the right direction – and there is peace in knowing that you are on the path.   Blessings to all and enjoy a safe and happy New Year’s  Celebration.  My Meghan and I will be having a quiet dinner and cuddle up with our books and perhaps a movie.  And again I ask, does it get any better?  Adieu. 


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