It’s already 9:30 a.m. and not much accomplished yet. I spent the requisite time bundling up to head out and unload my truck, left full and outside upon last night’s tired arrival home. I’ve gone online and looked at today’s offering in my French Advent calendar, read all the email from yesterday – what happens when you’re away from the computer for only eight hours – , corresponded with my Meghan, checked the bank balance  and voila, now it’s 10:00 and half the morning’s gone.  Is it the cold, a not uncommon topic for me these days?  Maybe I’m frozen and therefore not moving quickly?  Hard to say – at minus 22 degrees when I went out there the first time, anything’s possible, right?  Maybe I’m more reptilian than I think.  Now there’s one for you – reptilian, like a snake, not a pretty comparison and not a way in which I generally think of myself.  Just what I need – more tangents on which to take off.

So here’s the plan – pull myself together, get out the to-do list and start whacking things off.  With some appropriate music to encourage movement, I’ll really haul for an hour then reevaluate.             àplus tard…..


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