Are you fortunate enough to have someone in your life  that you can count on no matter what?  Many of us are, but how often do we acknowledge that person?  Today the person on whom I rely is having a birthday and while I’ve featured a variety of folks on these pages,until now they’ve all been women.  This time we’re going to give a big TA DA to my cousin, Dan Meyer, who has come to the rescue in some very unusual circumstances, for events that would have been fairly stressful without the help of Dan.

I’ve told him over the years that I was keeping a list and someday I’d put it on a scroll.  That hasn’t happened, so in keeping with my philosophy of letting people know that you’re grateful for their impact in your life, I’m posting this up-to-date list of  things that Dan has done for me.  You’ll find some of the items interesting, some will make you smile and others may make you shake your head. Regardless, here is my tribute to an unsung hero, someone who has come to the rescue many times, as you will see.  Read on…

The following 19 questions all have the same answer – Dan Meyer – what a blessing!

1.  Who do you call with computer issues regularly, sometimes daily?

2.  Who do you call when you need someone to care for your pets and home  

            while you’re away?

3.  You need to fix a broken window: who supplies the extra pair of hands?

4.  Who will haul salt for the water softener into the scary basement?

5.  Who will brave the scary basement to change the furnace filter?

6.  Who will help your daughter purchase a new computer long-distance?

7.  Who will you call to find a good laptop?

8.  Who repairs your GPS and returns it to you as a birthday present?

9.  Who saves the day when your GPS finally dies and you hope to transfer   

               those valuable saved locations to a new device?

10.   Who located the new device,  just like the old one, at a very low price?

11.    Who do you call when you’ve tipped over the lawn tractor, yep,  it’s   

                literally lying on its side?

12.    You’ve run out of propane and it’s wicked cold.  Who will drive out and

                  let you sit in his car with seat heaters on high until a delivery arrives

                   and the house warms up?

13.   Who do you call when your sump pump freezes mid-winter?

14.   Who do you call when your snow-blower dies?

15.    Who do you call when the rear window on your truck falls out of its


16.    Who do you call when you absolutely backed through the center support

                      post of your garage, destroying the post and both doors, while

                      completely shattering the rear window on your truck?

17.     Who supplies a newly painted basketball backstop to match his rebuild

                      of your garage support post and both doors?

18.     Who always witnesses your absentee ballot?

19.     Who took it upon himself to adjust and permanently stabilize a tool shed

                      in the yard?

As I said in the beginning – there is one answer to all 19 questions.  I am so grateful to my cousin, Dan, and his very gracious wife, Susan.  Thanks to the two of them, my life here at the Homestead is manageable and much more pleasant.  So today, I say with a full heart:

 Happy Birthday, Daniel Jay Meyer!!  God bless YOU!!!      3.17.12

P.S.  And to make it an even 20, I cannot believe I forgot one of the best.  Who do you call when a bat shows up in your piano studio and the terrified student runs for the door, with me right behind?   You bet, Dan Meyer to the rescue in a fairly big way, which brings to mind yet one more!!  I had a mouse one fall and it was Dan who taught me about mousetraps and how to set them without breaking a finger.  This is so fun!!  So the list is at 21;   I hope y’all are enjoying this as much as I am!!  Here’s a link to my favorite birthday songSing along and join me in wishing birthday blessings to Dan Meyer!!

And now I will say, THE END, for real and I’m going to post before I think of something else 🙂


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