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This is being posted without links or more than a cursory spell-check so please bear with me if you come across errors.  It’s hard for me to do things this way, but it’s either post or be done for the day and it’s only 10:30 a.m. so I’m going to close my eyes and just hit the button. 


Meghan and I spent a sensational weekend in Charleston, one of our very favorite cities.  Walking cobblestone streets, photographing beautiful old buildings painted bright blue, green, yellow, a myriad of colors!  There’s so much history in Charleston, a harbor city, as well as the Southern hospitality that we so love, the graceful lifestyle, not to mention FABULOUS food!!   So we walked and walked, reveling in the sunshine, the warmth and the smells of a harbor city in the South.  A great Saturday – antique shops, unique shops, a killer jacket for me, and a perfect “little black dress” for Meghan.  We had to chuckle as these great little shops were selling their WINTER clothes at 40% off.  So the jacket was a steal and at home it’ll be a blazer with jeans or khakis – UNDER my winter coats!  I have photos of me on the Battery, leaning against the railing, bare feet, and little jacket.  And I have many, may photos of my Meghan.  A late dinner of pasta (Meghan) and pasta and shrimp in a Gorgonzola sauce for me topped off our wonderful day together in the city.   


We stayed in an inexpensive hotel and headed out to a great church Sunday morning, the Long Road, Mount Pleasant, campus of Seacoast Church.  Excellent music and the message – it spoke directly to me.  You’ll find I’ve taken the title for my next post from what I heard Sunday morning. The rest of Sunday was, literally, a day at the beach – on the Isle of Palms, a place I’ve wanted to visit since reading a book by that title from the only fiction writer I read a Low Country author, Dorothea Benton Frank.    Sunshine, warmth, looking for shells, reading on a blanket next to my daughter with the ocean sounds as a backdrop.  Does it get any better than that?  Stayed tuned as the next post will feature insights from Sunday’s message that has been resonating in my head ever since – just a perfect message – God’s timing, always right on!


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