Greatest disaster in over 200 years?

How do we even begin to comprehend the scope of what has occurred? Comfortable here in the US, yet watching the nightmare happening in Haiti, what do you do?  How do we help?  It’s heartening to hear of all the good still in people’s hearts, as folks from around the world pull together in a time of human need.  Disheartening to hear of the scams already in operation to defraud well-meaning people.  As usual in times of crisis, we see the wide range of human behavior, from very good to very awful.

How do you share hope with others in the midst of such devastation?  It seems trite to quote the platitudes that get spoken at times like this.  How would you react if it were your loved ones far away in the midst of great trouble?  What’s your security? To what do you cling?  We’ve talked about this before.

I won’t presume to lecture or instruct today.  I’d just encourage you to look inside and clarify the source of your strength.  As many of us have discovered, personal tragedy can be right around the corner.  We have no idea what’s coming our way, but life means that something is coming our way; personally or on a large scale, we don’t know that either.  I urge preparation, know what matters and  what doesn’t.  And while you’re at it, reach out to family and friends and let them know that they’re loved.  Mend the fences, forgive past hurts.

Go to sleep tonight with a prayer of thanks for all you have and breathe a prayer for comfort for the many who have less. Blessings ….


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