About Those Cows …

Toward the end of the last post I asked if your fences were secure.  Now I’m asking, can they ever be secure, really? My belief system says yes, they can, but not because of what I might do.  And not necessarily in the way I might think.

The farmer who came to corral the cows and secure them again figured it out.  They had made a hole in the fence – that one’s not electric – and pushed it apart enough to make an escape.  Kind of explains the origin of the old English proverb: the grass is always greener on the other side.  Don’t know who the ringleader was, but three followed.  So we had four cows looking for greener pastures, wandering toward the road when a passing neighbor saw them and pounding on my door while hollering, alerted me that “my” cows were heading toward the road.  Two quick calls got the farmer who owns them here and after herding them back into the feedlot (barnyard), a handful of nails and some hammering, he felt they were secure.  A few nails and some wire and 1000-pound animals were “secure.”

Got me thinking about security.  Five nails and some wire fence or a bit of electricity running though a single wire?  What’s your source of security?   Give it some thought and we’ll talk again.


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