… and a Time to Dance Part Two

We talked yesterday about another of the Homestead’s children passing away, my Aunt Henrietta.  The day she died was one of those days you remember things about.  Later in the day I hopped on the lawn mower and rode around and around with memories tumbling through my mind.  Here I am on a lawn tractor thinking about how they cut the grass in years past.  I’ll have to ask my dad or my Auntie Arlene, married to my dad’s brother, Elmer, and a very sharp 90 year-old woman, known to her immediate family (and to me) as a prayer warrior, on her knees for those she loves.

She raised her three children here and made a home for both her mother and her mother-in-law, my Grandma Buelow.    We came here often;  Grandma lived here.  Any given Sunday we’d head to “The Farm.”  Auntie Arlene would cook for a crowd and there often was a crowd as aunts, uncles and cousins came just like my family did. A lot of memories and lots of food for thought and future writings.

The day Aunt Henrietta passed I was mowing the lawn and thinking about things, as you do when life events occur.  Mowing around the big lilac tree – don’t know what else to call it, it’s huge – I pictured my grandmother welcoming another of her children home to heaven and though sad at losing yet another family member, the image of my smiling Grandma made me happy and that, I believe, would have been their time to dance….


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